Thanks to professional partnerships, we are able to offer you a vast selection of activities not only on water, but also in the mountains: canyoning, climbing, iron ladder climbing are some examples. The tours are daily available and are of different level, so that everyone can find the right activity: children to expert.

Canyoning is one of the most modern adventure sports that allows you to discover wonders and mysteries of an uncontaminated nature. You will dive, walk and swim in all safety and see beautiful canyons and incredible gullies. A professional team will lead you through an unforgettable adventure among the most wonderful valleys of the Alto Garda Trentino.

Everyone whether beginner, advanced or professional, here in Alto Garda finds the right rock and the suitable activity! Here nature provides what the climber needs…also children can test theirselves.

For further information and reservations, our office is always at your disposal.


An exciting and refreshing experience in a magic world.

Alto Garda is famous for its Canyonings! Jump in the water and enjoy canyoning. Flow downstream with the water through otherwise “inaccessible” canyons, cascading over drops into pools, slide down chutes and wade through deep water. You’ll discover breathtakingly beautiful places, only reachable from whom takes part in such adventurous activities! Guided Canyoning with is exciting, magic and unforgettable!

Who can do it?
 It's not difficult and you don't have to be a good swimmer. Everyone with a minimum level of fitness and no fear of water can do it. Even children from 35 Kilos can enjoy Canyoning, for them there is the special familiy canyoning, up to 40 kilos, children can join all the canyonings.

Equipment: Friends of Arco provides the necessary equipment for every descent (neoprene wetsuits and socks, life vest, harness and helmet.

Participants: max. 8 a guide

Includes: mountain guide, wetsuit and neoprene socks, helmet, harness, life jacket, transportation, insurance

: snack, Action Camera rental

What to bring: sport or mountain shoes (no sandals or water shoes!!), t-shirt, swimming suit, towel.

1. Canyoning Rio Nero

When: Every Monday, Friday abd Sunday at 8.00 am and Wednesday at 14.00 am.

Duration: 4 hrs (2 into the water)

Cost: 90,00 €

Rio Nero torrent is located at the end of Ledro Valley and as the name suggests, the “black river” is surrounded by steep and high rock cliffs where sun rarely penetrates to the bottom. Therefore its water is most of the year very cold. A spectacular slide let you enter in this magic world, after many jumps and some abseils you will arrive to an 11 meter high waterfall… unique emotions in a fantastic landscape!


• Best time of the year: May until October
• Where: Val di Ledro, Passo Ampola
• Meeting point: Arco, Riva del Garda, Torbole
• Duration: 4 hrs (2 into the water)
• Difficulty: medium
• Highest jump: 7 meters
• Longest slide: 6 meters
• Longest abseil cliff: 25 meters
• Minimum Weight: 40 kg

2. Canyoning Palvico

When: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2.00 pm

Duration: 4 hrs (2 hours in the water)

Cost: 90,00 €

This canyoning will astonish you! At the beginning it isn’t that demanding. There are slides, jumps, waterfalls and natural pools. You will find yourself passing through a cave and reach a 50 meters high waterfall, where you will be abseiled . This makes this place one of the most impressive canyon tours in northern Italy. Steep, towering rock walls, mystical light and shadow play let you live one unforgettable experience, whether you are beginner or you have already taken part in a canyoning.


• Best time of the year: May until October
• Where: Val di Ledro, Storo
• Meeting point: Arco, Riva del Garda, Torbole
• Duration: 4 hrs (2 hours in the water)
• Difficulty: medium/easy
• Highest jump: 6 meters
• Longest slide: 7 meters
• Longest abseil cliff: 50 meters
• Minimum Weight: 40 kg

3. Family Canyoning

When: every Friday at 2.00 pm

Duration: 4 hrs (2 hours in the water)

Cost: 90,00 €

Over the centuries the water has created a fairy tale scenery through the rocks. Torrent formed caves, grottos and highly imaginative rock creations alternate in a series of wonderful images. If you want to show your children how nature can be an adventure park, you can take part in the Family Canyoning! Enjoy with them this unforgettable adventure also suitable to refresh oneself a hot summer’ day.

Important: children have to weight more than 35 kilos and be higher than 1,35 metres.


• Best time of the year: May until October
• Where: Val di Ledro, Storo
• Meeting point: Arco, Riva del Garda, Torbole
• Duration: 4 hrs (2 hours in the water)
• Difficulty: easy
• Highest jump: 4 meters
• Longest slide: 4 meters
• Longest abseil cliff: 10 meters
• Minimum Weight: 35 kg

Magnificent views with a surge of adrenalin

An iron ladder climbing path is a perfect alternative for people who want more than just an uphill walk but who don't fancy the thrill of rock climbing. The best thing about this is that you don’t need any particular skill except sure-footedness… These iron ladder paths allow mountain walkers to follow spectacular routes and magnificent views that would normally have needed considerable climbing skills.

We can offer you a wide choice of via ferrate, from the one high up above Garda Lake to the one in the UNESCO-protected Dolomites. The marvelous via ferrata in the Brenta-group, for example are not far away, only one hour by car. Why don’t you take the opportunity? Our guides will accompany you there.

Partecipants & Requirements:

Partecipants: max.6-8 per guide

Requirements: no dizziness, no fear of heights


•When: almost all day of the week from 9 am until 2pm
•Cost: between 62,00 € and 145,00 €
•difficulty: all levels-tours: beginners and also experienced excursionists in excellent physical condition
•Includes: mountain guide, equipment for excursion, transport
•Meeting point: Arco, Riva del Garda, Torbole
•Duration: between 4 and 8 hrs it depends on the tour

What to bring:

• Strong shoes
• Suitable clothing
• Back pack with food and drink

If you require more information, you can come by or call our office. We are always at your disposal.


Discover the world of climbing
Do you feel like trying out a new sport? Do you want to see if climbing is for you? Today you can find out, our Fun Climbing program offers everyone the chance to try to climb in a safe and happy environment. Our Mountain Guides will offer you an unforgettable experience whatever your age is . You don’t need any experience and you will definitely enjoy yourself!


• Top-rope climbing
• An introduction to basic progression techniques
• An introduction to the basic techniques of safety


• Climbing in safety
• Experience unforgettable moments in the vertical world
• A chance for everybody to have a trial climb

•When: every Monday and Saturday at 9.00 am and Thursday at 2 pm.
•Cost: 62,00 €
•Meeting point: Arco, Riva del Garda e Torbole
•Includes: mountain guide, equipment, transport and insurance
•Where: Arco (TN)
•Duration: 4 hrs.
•Difficulty: easy

Participant & Prerequisites:

• Participants: max. 8
• For whom: beginners.

What to bring:
• Comfortable clothes
• Sneakers
• Small backpack for snacks and equipment


The first driving range in Alto Garda was born from the combination of love for nature and passion for golf.
Surrounded by greenery and built according to the best standards set by the Italian Golf Federation and its aggregate, it is suitable for adults and children. Expert golf instructors are available for individual or group lessons.

  Duration Price
Test lesson 2 hours 50,00 €
Group lesson 1 hour 25,00 €
Private lesson 1 hour 35,00 €
Private course 5 hours 150,00 €