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if the instructor decides that there are not the right weather conditions to do the lesson, you will be given a ticket without expiry date that you can use whenever you want. If you have bought one of our MINI-, MIDI-, MAXI- Formula with expiry date, you are supposed to come as agreed so as not to loose the validity of the ticket.

For booking you only have to contact the secretary’s of Surfsegnana(tel/mail/fax), who are able to arrange your reservation quickly and -because of our contracts with the different hotels- for convenient prices.

The all-inclusive packages are offered with very special prices, but have an expiry date…….that means that they only can be used in the period of your reservation (7 days/3 days). If you buy lessons or a season-ticket for surf-hire separately, you can use them whenever you want, also in the next seasons.

The tickets of the lessons have no expiry date and can be used whenever you want according to your needs.